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Become part of the Good Life Experience and join our exposure visit in Sri Lanka with a focus on responsible tourism and eco-friendly travel services.

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German travel agencies, booking platforms and tour guides

Explore a new exciting destination for free independent travelers looking for an authentic experience.

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Innovative Sri Lankan travel and tourism businesses

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In October 2019 we will bring together German tourism professionals and the sustainable tourism branch of Sri Lanka.

The objective of our curated tour is to showcase the unique tourism experiences Sri Lanka can offer the German market. We hope to foster productive relationships between tour operators in Germany and service providers in Sri Lanka.

10 days of immediate experiences

Here’s what you can expect during the 10-day tour:

  • The German delegation will experience the wide variety of adventure and unique cultural experiences offered by Sri Lanka – beyond the traditional offering.
  • Tentative activities include culture walks showcasing the modern Sri Lankan lifestyle and cuisine, adventure activities that can be enjoyed by casual travelers (hiking, biking, kayaking etc.), safari tours in lesser-known national parks in Sri Lanka.
  • In exchange with the German delegation Sri Lankan service providers learn about standards and types of trending activities the responsible tourist is looking for in Germany and Europe.

There is more to come

The visit of the German delegation is just the first of a series of events by Good Life Experience in conjunction with German companies in the responsible travel niche.

Responsible Tourism Delegation in October 2019

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